Health Care Today

America clearly has a health care crisis. It is a crisis of relationship, engagement and responsibility. We spend 20 percent of our gross domestic product on health care—twice the amount compared to other developed countries. Yet, we are sicker and die younger than our foreign counterparts. The staggering truth is that 80 percent of America's health care costs stem from unhealthy behaviors, many of which can be modified through active knowledge and the implementation of our innovative and impactful corporate wellness and patient-physician focused programs.

Good health is an individual responsibility, a shared investment, and a significant company asset. The successful management of improved employee health is grounded in the creation of a vibrant culture that embraces active relationships, engagement and responsibility. Asset Health is a recognized authority on workplace wellness with dynamic, active-knowledge based education, engagement and reward programs that lead to healthier employees and a healthier top and bottom line for the clients we serve.

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